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Winter is coming! You know, that lovely season when we snuggle up in front of a fire with a good book? In parts of the country, cars won’t start, and when they do, the windshield is frosted over.

Maternal Lines

My kindred spirits are strong, maternal ancestors, revealed through genealogy..

Time to Grow Old or Grow Fit

Eight Steps to a Youthful Body. This birthday gave me a slap. Focus on fitness or grow old! My choice. Do I have what it takes to do what it takes to get a fit body again?

Our Perception of Time Changes

Denelda at 8, 15, 30, and 50 years… Why, it seems like only yesterday! How time changes as we age! Everything about “time” fascinates me.

Get the Most from your Weekend

5 STEPS TO MAKE YOUR WEEKEND A WEAKEND Do you drag home weak from work on Friday screaming, “Thank God It’s Friday!”? Do you think


I’m all about TIME: REJUVENATION for a better future, GENEALOGY to rescue the past, and everything which builds a quality life right now with laughter and love.