Denelda is a seasoned writer of time-travel romance, author of Timeless Trilogy and Kindred Chronicles.


In Scorched, a short story based on a true event, the cursed ability to connect with her ancestor condemns Marta Jensdatter in Denmark, 1722.

Marta is not a witch, yet her village won’t listen. How can they understand when Marta can’t explain what’s happening?

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kindred chronicles: Book 1

Angela’s magical abilities bring answers and more relatives than she bargained for.

Angela Penner, a mixed-race misfit, knows her parents lie to her. Obsessed with finding the truth, she discovers inherited abilities to travel through time and space. She must overcome her shyness and physical weaknesses to rescue her ancestors from certain death.

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Timeless trilogy

BOOK 1: TIMELESS TRILOGY Seattle widow, Jeni Taylor, wants a life of passion rather than the inevitable downsides of aging. Her passion for sport leads

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BOOK 2: TIMELESS TRILOGY As the pandemic strikes terror and she grows ever Younger, Jeni Taylor fights for a foothold in a society of ageism.  A

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BOOK 3: TIMELESS TRILOGY Jeni Taylor enjoys the benefits of turning back the clock. Hell, who wants to get old? But when should she stop? 

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My kindred spirits are strong, maternal ancestors, revealed through genealogy..

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Eight Steps to a Youthful Body. This birthday gave me a slap. Focus on fitness or grow old! My choice. Do I have what it takes to do what it takes to get a fit body again?

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In 5 Essential Areas 1. The best treat I can offer is more time. We all have 24 hours a day and

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