Prequel: Kindred Chronicles

What if your great-great-grandmother was one? Or people thought she was a witch?

This Prequel to Kindred Spirits will tempt you to read the fast-moving Kindred Chronicles, where you’ll fall in love with characters who risk everything to save their loved ones. Age and time interweave sweet romance across the globe.

In the Danish 1700s, Marta Jensdatter’s pesky visitor proves too much for her superstitious neighbors to accept. Find out her fate by reading Kindred Spirits, Book 1 of Kindred Chronicles.

This short prequel is yours to download below.


Best read in order:

Prequel: Scorched An ancestor desperately in need of rescuing

Book 1: Kindred Spirits– Angela combines forces with an ancestor to rescue her birth parents.

Book 2: Kindred Sisters– Betrayal, love, tragedy, and a past that comes back to haunt her.

Book 3: (coming 2023)

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