Enjoy and Review

Being snowed in isn’t all bad. If you can get online, you can download a free book, choose one on KINDLE UNLIMITED, or try out a new author series in your favorite genre.

When I finish a book, I hate to see it end? I just made a bunch of new friends between the covers and now I must wait for the next in the series! But, there is something I can do which encourages the author and might speed the next book. LEAVE A REVIEW. It only takes a few minutes to link into the website where you made the purchase, scroll to the bottom, and click on LEAVE A REVIEW.

I don’t think you have to be clever or eloquent. I’m a reader, not a professional reviewer. I’m heartfelt. If I like the book, I say what I like about it. Easy peasy. If I bought on Amazon, I leave reviews on Goodreads and BookBub as well.

Reviews are golden. They are incredibly important to an author. If they have entertained you for several days, don’t they deserve five minutes of your time in payback?

The writer has a new release, Kindred SistersBook 2 of Kindred Chronicles available  on November 8th, 2022.

Enjoy, and don’t forget the reviewing part… please! Have an amazing Winter, everyone.

Hi from Denelda

I’m all about TIME: REJUVENATION for a better future, GENEALOGY to rescue the past, and everything which builds a quality life right now with laughter and love.