Look Back in Time with Genealogy

My Kindred Spirits...!

The women in my Family Tree are my KINDRED SPIRITS

This week, let’s look back—way back! I want to share my love for genealogy.

The picture above was the event of the birth of Syren Echo Quick, my first granddaughter, shown with her mother, Coreen Ann Coutts, her grandmother, Denelda Mary Pearson, and her great-grandmother, Mary Denelda Mustard. That’s four generations in one shot. Four powerful females who share DNA which can be tracked to the first known human.

Here’s as far as I’ve got so far: Mom, Mary Denelda Mustard’s mother was my grandmother, Florence Mae Tordiff; Florence’s mother, my great-grandmother, was Elizabeth Hayes; Elizabeth’s mother, my great-great grandmother, was Julia Ann Stephens, and her mother was Sarah Chase. The last maternal link is her mother, Elizabeth Baker, my great-great-great-great grandmother.

Tracing from Syren, that’s nine generations of strong women.

Maybe you would enjoy knowing your ancestor had a colorful history. Were they Witches?

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