Younger: In the Age of COVID


As the pandemic strikes terror and she grows ever Younger, Jeni Taylor fights for a foothold in a society of ageism.

 A senior with the body, mind, and drive of a Younger woman, will Jeni survive Covid with Russ and her best friend, Carol? Challenges of disease, discrimination, isolation, and disappointment tear through this novel as their trust in government solutions diminishes.

Jeni is younger physically and tests her mental toughness. What will she choose for a future when her life is TIMELESS?

“Prolonged vitality is coming… bringing an end to aging as we know it.” Younger: In the Age of Covid is a fictional novel inspired by Lifespan: Why We Age—And Why We Don’t Have To by David A Sinclair, Ph.D.

“A deep and fascinating tale about a mature woman’s transformation.” – NYT Bestselling Author Mimi Strong


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