Get the Most from your Weekend


Do you drag home weak from work on Friday screaming, “Thank God It’s Friday!”?

Do you think of the weekend as a time to drink, over-eat, sleep in? Do you stay up late drinking with your buddies, only to spend half of Saturday down with a hangover? Worse still, do you repeat on Saturday night?

Soon the break is over, and you drag back to work on Monday. Is this where you’re at?

If this is your habit, it’s going to take more than my blog to change your lifestyle.

But hey, you can start here, anyway. I know you want you to head into Monday rejuvenated and strong. You want your household chores complete, and meals and clothes prepped for the next five days.

Here are five steps to accomplish that:

  1. Choose to spend time with only positive friends, not drinking buddies telling stories you’ve heard before. How about a planned date night with your partner?
  2. Choose a reasonable bedtime, rising early to complete household tasks.
  3. Choose to not waste time mindlessly, but consciously choose a hobby or sport for relaxation, which fills you spiritually, be it at the gym, meditation, or a commune with nature. (Kill two birds with one stone—not literally, of course—but relax and exercise at the same time)

4. Plan healthy, tasty, not indulgent, family meals with leftovers frozen for midweek or to take to a needy neighbor.
 5.  Throw a few loads of laundry through the system on your way by.

Your family may be different

Your personal situation creates variations to this theme. Perhaps you choose to grocery shop online or on your way home from work one weekday.

There’s nothing wrong with the store-barbecued chicken and deli salad that night.

Perhaps you have a partner or kids that you can organize to share the load—delegate and praise.

Remember, you are amazing for running a cheerful, supportive home for your family whether it’s you and your cat or a family of seven. You deserve to be recharged for the coming work week.

To the working Mom, you already know all of this. Otherwise, you would not survive. We should all follow her example and make our next weekend a weakend.

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